Web Services and Software

National Earthquake Observatory provides data by Web Services based on FDSN specification.

  • Data about seismic events are provided by a Web Service based on QuakeML
  • Data about instrumental station parameters are provides by a Web Service based on StationXML
  • Data about seismic signals are provided by a Web Services based on DataSelect

Follow references to Web Services and other software.

FDSNWS - Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Web Services
Services Summary
station Station metadata and instrument specifics in FDSN StationXML an text format
event Event (earthquake) information in QuakeML and text format
dataselect Waveform data for requested channels and time windows in MSEED format
EIDAWS - EIDA Web Serivices
Services Summary
routing Webservice that routes requests for different services between EIDA nodes
wfcatalog Provides detailed information on the contents of waveform data including quality control parameters
INGVWS - INGV Web Serivices
Services Summary
shakedata ShakeMap input Intensity Measure data extracted from recorded waveforms
sqlx API to interact with the output of SQLX software

INGV offers a free and open software, packages and tools on a public repository: GitHub