Italian Seismic Bulletin

Italian Seismic Bulletin, January-April 2020

  • 5335 total earthquakes localized
    • 26 with magnitude M>=3.5
    • 1786 with magnitude M>=1.5
  • 583 used seismic stations
  • 32782 P wave pickings
  • 21263 S wave pickings

DOI: 10.13127/BSI/202001

Metadata (DataCite): JSON , XML


Bibliographic citation:

Arcoraci, L., Miconi, L., Cheloni, D., Colini, L., Di Maro, R., Lisi, A., … Berardi, M. (2020). Bollettino Sismico Italiano (BSI), I quadrimestre 2020 (Version 1) [Data set]. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).


Bollettino Sismico Italiano, I quadrimestre 2020, version 1.0 contains 5335 earthquake locations in the Italian region and in the border region in the time frame between 01-01-2020 and 30-04-2020. Data used have been recorded by the National Seismic Network, operated by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) and regional and international networks operated by several providers. The BSI analysts revised event with M>=1.5 (1786), 26 of them whit a M>=3.5; to locate the earthquakes we used 583 stations which contributed to the locations with 32782 P phases and 21263 S phases. The Bollettino Sismico Italiano is available in Quakeml format and is described on a 4 months basis by a pdf document, but is also available in the ISIDe data-base for the period 1985-today. Both Quakeml files and pdf document are available at webpage (